Premium Angus Beef

Our Beef

We believe a truly great beef experience begins with the careful attention to the quality of each animal’s life. This philosophy is backed by the USDA Responsibly Raised label all our boxes carry. We guarantee that each individual animal is raised in a comfortable environment and every aspect of the animal’s health, wellbeing and care are looked after by trained and qualified professionals.

Dean & Peeler Premium Angus Beef brand delivers a consistent, high quality end user experience 100% of the time. With a focus on animal genetics and nutrition, the program guarantees a tender, well marbled product that offers consistently sized primal cuts. The rich, buttery flavor of Dean & Peeler Premium Angus Beef with its consistent performance, make it a logical choice for all discerning chefs.

Through our experiences, management and the feedback from loyal customers, we believe we have created the most consistently performing beef product on the market, and we invite you to try it today. Dean & Peeler Premium Angus Beef markets this unique, local program under the name BLACK LABEL, a Certified USDA Choice and Higher program.

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